We have significant experience and knowledge in the installation of rotary and herringbone sheds, as well as a wide range of plants and equipment. This includes Waikato Milking Systems, Milfos, De Laval, Alfa Laval and Westfalia Surge.

At King Electrical we work well with other tradesman from the start of your shed project through to the finish. Often we are required to complete this in tight timeframes with calving approaching, but we always see the customer right!


At King Electrical, we have developed a control system for a travelling irrigator that the experts in the field consider to be “state of the art”. Some of the features are:

  • A variable speed drive (VSD) controller to regulate the speed of the main pump to give a controlled application rate. This VSD is a higher end unit which has built in RFI filters in accordance with EN61800-3 and EN55011 to suppress electrical noise. It also has a built-in DC link reactor which improves power factor and reduces harmonics to meet 6100-3-12
  • A flow meter to control the variable speed drive and enable a controlled application rate. This flow meter gives a readout of the present flow rate and keeps a permanent record of the daily, weekly and total flow rates
  • A programmable logic controller (PLC) to collate all the times and parameters to allow:
    1. When travelling irrigator reaches the end of the paddock it will automatically turn the pump off
    2. If a high or low pressure situation occurs it will turn the pump off and set an alarm
    3. The PLC can be programmed to allow the stirrer motor to cycle or run continually
  • This system is constructed such that it is compatible to be used with other suppliers of farm mapping and control i.e., firms such as Tracmap or Ag-Hub can fit their systems to the supplied links to connect the two systems together